Best Stag Do Destinations For 2020

2020 is the year to get married, it's got a kind of ring to it (pardon the pun). So you'll need to know the Best Stag Do Destinations for this incredible year.

In no particular order, because let's be honest, everyone is different, here are the best stag destinations for 2020:


The best city in Europe to have your stag weekend, and in my mind Prague is becoming more liberal than Amsterdam, now that's saying something.

Prague is also top of the charts for our Cheapest Stag Destination To Get A Pint In, so not only will your stag party be everything you ever wanted it to be, it'll also be lighter on your pocket.

This capital city is incredibly beautiful and has some awesome stag activities, so altogether a brilliant all rounder.


Bristol famous Clifton Suspension Bridge with Hot air balloons, representing the Balloon festival

Bristol makes it easily in to the best stag destinations for 2020 because it's just such an amazing city.

Bristol has some of the best stag do activities available throughout the day and by night you have a huge playground of bars, clubs and pubs all within easy walking distance of your city centre, stag friendly, high quality hotel.


Brandenburg Gate in front of a sunset

Your stag weekend will become legendary if you've chosen Berlin to be your 2020 stag destination.

With more beer halls than you can drink in (I am sure you'll give it a damn good try), friendly locals and fantastic activities you will not regret booking those flights.

What makes a decent stag do destination?
Usually it's cheap beer, liberal nightlife and great activities. However, we have noticed stag parties are becoming more varied with their choices of destination and if the stag isn't a massive drinker quieter, more activity based destinations are also becoming busy such as North Wales and The Scottish Highlands.


Edinburgh rooftops at dusk

The Scottish know how to party there is no denying that, so you know the Scottish Capital will rock and boy does it!

At night you have loads of bars, clubs and pubs to enjoy with an atmosphere like no other.

During the day you have Whisky Tasting, Highland Games and some brilliant White Water Rafting sites (about 1.30hrs drive away in the Highlands).

In my mind Edinburgh is a totally brilliant stag do city, deservedly one of the main contenders for the best stag destination in the UK.


One of Amsterdam's canals with boats

This is a historical stag weekend destination of choice, if you've never been, shame on you.

As liberal as a bi-sexual, pot smoking hippy, Amsterdam is a place where you can just go and chill out, get merry, see some eye popping sights and have fun, surely that's the foundations of a great stag party, right?


The River Tyne at night with the lights and backdrop of the bridge and city

If you've never been to Newcastle, I say "drop what you're doing" and get yourself up there, this place rocks!

Stag and hen parties flock to Newcastle every weekend giving it an unforgettable party atmosphere and the locals just love them.


Bournemouth's sandy beach on a beautiful day

Each year Bournemouth sheds another layer of it's image of "old people go here to die."

Bournemouth has a real young people's vibe to it. There are loads of fantastic bars and clubs plus great restaurants. You also have quite a few lap dancing venues and some pretty massive activity sites attracting stag parties from around the UK.


Bratislava castle with it's red tiled roof surrounded by the city

Hot on the heels of Prague for having the cheapest beer in the world, Bratislava is quite a small capital but what it lacks in size it makes up with great nightlife, incredible activities and eye candy galore, which funnily enough is the new lap dancing club opening up there next year!


Cardiff Waterfront at dusk, ready to party

If you judge how good a city is on it's people then Cardiff is truly epic. The locals are extremely friendly, giving you an immense night out.

But don't just go for one night, you'll need to be there for a whole weekend in order to do some of the amazing stag party activities.


Liverpool's docks at night with lights from the city reflecting on the water

Now if there is one city in the UK which has transformed itself into one of the best places to visit in the world then Liverpool should take that accolade and run with it.

I have been out in Liverpool a number of times and cannot recommend this place enough. The transformation of the centre of Liverpool over the last decade is outstanding.

Warning: Liverpool's nightlife will put hairs on your chest and no, that isn't from eating Scouse*.

Where ever you decide to party, have a good one.

Good luck!


*Scouse is a lamb dish Northern European sailors used to eat. Liverpool was once the busiest dock in the world, hence why Liverpudlians are called Scousers. The original Scouse dish is actually from Norway and is called Lobscouse - wow I am full of it today!

rage buggies, cocktail and man in illuminous clothing


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