Why Use A Stag Do Organiser?

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The question on every best man's or groom's lips when arranging a stag party; "should I use a stag do organiser or do it myself?"

If your answer is YES to any of the following questions you should consider using a stag do organiser:

  • Are you short of time?
  • Are you bad at organising things?
  • Do you need someone else to do it all for you?
  • Are you poor at communicating?
  • Are you bad with money?

What is a stag do organiser?

A stag do organiser is a company which can book you practically every part of your stag do. These days, most reputable stag do organising websites also have the facilities for:
  • Online payments
  • Sending invites to your mates (so they can book on to the stag and pay)
  • Sending you essential information packs so you don't have to think

Cocktails, Rage Buggies and DJ

In an age when you can just go online and practically find everything on Google why would you need a stag do organiser?

The answer is easy, it's all about saving time and money. Why spend hours searching when you can just fill in one enquiry form or make just one phone call?

Stag do organisers will also have deals with lots of hotels, nightclubs and activity sites so you could be saving time and money instead of paying 4+ separate bills and working with lots of different T&Cs.

What can be organised for you?

  • Transport - flights, minibus etc.
  • Accommodation - hotel, house, log cabin, tent
  • Daytime Activities - Rage buggy racing to horse racing
  • Nightlife - Nightclubs to Gentleman's clubs
  • Stag Do Pranks

Peace of mind for your stag party

There is also the experience factor, for example DesignaVenture has been selling stag weekends since 2003 and we know what works and what doesn't, how to keep providers happy and also how to make sure you get into venues and hotels.

Before you go, you will receive all your essential information which includes an itinerary, maps, directions, what you need to wear etc. This information can then be sent straight onto the lads saving you valuable time before and on your break by not having to answer questions and "Mother" them.

A picture of a stag and a beers being clinked on a stag do

DesignaVenture also offers an out of hours telephone number, so should anything go wrong whilst on your break you have a friendly, willing agent to help you out.

So I would highly recommend using a stag do organiser however I would say that! But in truth, stag do organisers will save you a lot of time and then money, as time is money people.

Good luck



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