Stag Do Ideas Which'll Make The Boys Put Down Their Smart Phones

A pile of smartphone with the words no place on a stag weekend

There's nothing worse than going on a stag weekend and all the boys are just sat around on their phone with nothing else to do!

To counteract this huge stag do problem, this list of ELEVEN stag do ideas will excite the lads enough to put away their iPhones (other brands are available) for the rest of the day and get some good old fashioned excitement back into their data driven lives.

Quarry Karts

The most environmentally friendly 4 wheeled activity you can do. Just like ski-ing gravity is your best friend giving you the power and speed to get down the hill and win the race. A totally unique and brilliant stag do activity.

Stag Destination: North Wales

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Rib Adventure

A thrill of a lifetime, skimming the waves at breakneck speed you're in for one hell of a ride. A crazy adrenaline rush for your stag party to contend with.

Stag Destinations: Southampton & North Wales

Rib Adventure prices and details

White Water Rafting

An incredible experience and with up to 6 people in the raft at once (depending on your location) this is a great activity to do together with your stag party.  Most activities are individual experiences however white water rafting is a boat full of your mates, let the banter battles begin!

Stag Destinations: Cardiff, North Wales & Edinburgh (ish)

White water rafting details

Stag do ideas including escape room, coasteering, quarry karts and white water rafting

Zip Wire

Another extremely exhilarating activity which will give not only the stag but the whole group a day to remember. The best one in my mind to go for is the Zip Wire Velocity which can reach speeds in excess of 120mph! Another zip wire location is Bournemouth where you go straight off the top of the Pier onto the beautiful sandy beach - James Bond style.

Zip Wire destination details and prices


Canyoning is an incredible stag activity where the whole group takes part in the activity together at the same time, another great shared experience. Do you have the balls to do some of the jumps? Don't listen to peer pressure just listen to your inner voice telling you to jump so you can tell the story to your kids and grand children!

Available location and details on Canyoning can be found here.

Escape Room

Great for a stag party full of gamers and code cracking boffins. You have one hour to get out of an escape room or you're locked in there forever. It seems strange that on the groom's last weekend of freedom you lock him up, I suppose it's better than a prison cell!

There are many, many Escape Room locations nationwide

stag do ideas including rage buggies, surfing, coasteering and bubble football


If you are on a stag weekend in Newquay there is only one activity you should ever consider and that's surfing. It's cheap, loads of fun and guaranteed to give you kudos as you walk onto the beach clutching a surf board.

Main destination is Newquay, however there are other destinations available which can be found here.

Rage Buggies / Walker Adams

Possibly the best dirt buggies on the market, they are fast, powerful and extremely agile giving your stag party a decent experience without breaking the bank.

Prices vary, depending on which destination you choose, you can find more details here.

Stag Destinations include; Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading, London, North Wales, Chester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Brighton, Newcastle & Edinburgh.


Similar to Canyoning this involves a lot of daredevil acts which include jumping off high ledges into deep pools however this time you have waves to consider.

Coasteering is best in Newquay and Bournemouth, other locations are available.

Bubble Football

Another fantastic shared stag do experience which involves football and blatant fouling, I'd say that's the perfect mix for a stag do!

Loads of destinations nationwide, Bubble football is a very popular stag do activity.

Need help deciding a a brilliant stag do destination, look no further people.

What about stag do ideas for 2020...

Turbo Cricket

Another stag activity, where the lads all take part at the same time. If the groom loves cricket then Turbo Cricket is perfect for his stag do. Everything is included including umpires so there's no chance of arguments!

Turbo Cricket destinations, prices and details

DJ, shots and Rage Buggy

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!

Good luck



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