Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Rage Buggy Racing

Think of the Rage Buggy as the 'Hoover' of the powerful dirt buggy racing world. I don't mean it's good at cleaning your carpet, I mean the name Rage Buggy covers all powerful dirt buggies including Rebel Buggies, just like Hoovers cover all vacuum cleaners, get it?

Stag parties and racing extremely fast Rage buggies go hand in hand, like Ant and Dec, marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Bear and stag dos and pranks.

So there is no wonder this week we are shining the spotlight on the amazing dirt buggy racing activity.

Stag groups will actually choose their weekend destination on where they can do Rage Buggies, now that's some accolade.

Some Facts On The Powerful Rage Buggy:

Engine Size: Some Dirt Buggies are just under 1000cc
Top Speed: 60mph
Destinations: Nationwide

Racing these Buggies is really something else, gone are the days when stag parties used to race dirt buggies which were only powerful enough to run a lawnmower, when you put your foot down, you're going to be thrown back into your bucket seat.

With such power you're going to need good handling and these buggies are incredible.

Designed from the ground up, Rage Buggies are extremely strong and are made to race on rally prepared gravel racing circuits. Sliding around corners and thrashing through chicanes this is the race your stag party has been waiting for.

Most destinations offer 2 karts on the track at once but in Birmingham you can race 6 at a time!

This is a totally different experience to racing slick tyre karts such as indoor karts as they are more powerful on acceleration and the handling is much better, you're not spending your time sliding in to tyre walls, unless you're an extremely bad driver!

So if your Groom-to-be has requested a motor sport activity on his stag do I don't think you can't go wrong with booking these bad boys.

We have lots of advice on booking a stag do all over this blog.

Alternatively go to our website for some of the best stag do ideas this side of the moon.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one.

Good luck



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