How To Plan An Epic Stag Do

Being Best Man is quite the accolade. It also comes with responsibilities and duties. One of the most important duties is planning the stag do, the other I would say is the speech.

With the speech there are loads of websites out there which can help you write a brilliant one giving you tips and ideas. Some websites actually write it for you!

A bit like organising a stag do, there are companies out there who will arrange the whole shebang, like DesignaVenture. Here are some important areas you need to think about when arranging the weekend:

  • Inviting People
  • Avoid Inviting Some People
  • Choosing The Right Destination & Activities
  • Keep It Within Budget
  • Keep The Boys Happy On The Weekend
  • Cleaning Up

Inviting People

Being best man you'll be inviting the people onto the stag do. Make sure you sit down with the groom to find out who he wants to come and who he wants to avoid (see the next point).

In the login of the DesignaVenture website we give our customers the facility to invite their mates onto the stag weekend. There are other ways such as setting up a facebook page or a WhatsApp group.

DesignaVenture Tip: WhatsApp group is best for banter.

Avoid Inviting People

Some people just won't fit in, if someone has requested to come, ask the groom first as he knows who gets on and more importantly, who doesn't.

Don't ask the bride's father or even the groom's father if you are planning on visiting a couple of gentleman's clubs, especially if they are prudish.

Choosing The Right Destination & Activities

Before booking something always have some sort of confab with the groom and the main men attending. That way you won't book the wrong weekend or activities and have to cancel or change the weekend.

Our stag do destination guides are a great place to start.

Or if you are in need of inspiration for the whole weekend check out stag do ideas

Keep It Within Budget

The biggest way you're going to get drop outs is if you set the price bar too high. You'll soon know as you'll get a multitude of excuses with some being so lame as they don't want to say they don't want to spend that much!

DesignaVenture Rule Of Thumb: Get a good idea of what people are willing to spend, not what you are willing to spend.

Keep The Boys Happy On The Weekend

I know you are also on this stag weekend to have fun, so pre booking or planning before you get there is a great idea. If you have a whole day or two to hang out without some sort of planning boys will drink because they're bored, I know I would!

So pre book some activities or have at least a plan on something to keep the boys from peaking at 4pm.

Great activities include; Bubble Football, Dirt Karts, Quad Biking, Paintball anything which is loads of fun and memorable.

Cleaning Up

The carnage after a stag do can sometimes need NATO to come and sort out, so prevention is better than cure. 

Try and have a 'no phone / camera rule' when getting up to mischief especially if you have some highly strung partners waiting for them at home. The rule of 'it's better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission' does not apply here.

Whatever you do, have a good one!

Good luck



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