Stag Do - UK or Abroad?

Union Jacks, quad bikes and stag parties to jumping into a pool

Over the years more and more stag weekends have been spent abroad, on a beach in Magaluf or on a bar crawl in Berlin, abroad stag dos are just the norm.

In 2019 - 50% of all flights taken by 20 - 45 year old men were stag dos.

However in 2020 things are seemingly changing. Stag weekends abroad may become less popular due to soaring flight prices (pardon the pun), some stag and hens are wanting to keep their carbon emissions down and currently cities are shutting down due to the Coronavirus, so the UK has become a more attractive proposition.

So this post quickly compares having your stag do in the UK to having a stag weekend Abroad. Which is the best destination for your stag party?

So why consider the UK for your stag do?

  • Incredible nightlife
  • A full spectrum of brilliant activities geared up to stag and hen parties
  • A huge variety of destinations, from rural North Wales, to beach resorts such as Bournemouth and Newquay to lively cities such as Liverpool, Newcastle and Bristol.
  • A multitude of different stag friendly accommodation, from big party houses to high end hotels
  • Cheaper than going abroad*
  • Easier to get to your chosen stag destination
  • You don't need so much time off work
  • You don't need your passport
  • Environmentally friendly

*Flights are very expensive in 2020 due to Thomas Cook's demise, airlines have kindly increased their fares as competition is less. 

I think that the above factors will see a very strong year for the UK, however...

Choose an abroad destination for your stag do?

  • If you're looking for guaranteed sunshine, head to the Med, Canaries or Vegas!
  • Cheap Beer when you get there, Prague and Bratislava are destinations of cheap pints - check our our post on the cheapest stag destination for pint
  • Wild nightlife
  • You can get the Eurostar to Amsterdam, so giving your stag group a "caring for the climate" badge
  • Wild activities abroad including AK47 shooting, beer bikes where you don't have to bring your own booze, outrageous stag pranks and fantastic festivals
  • The adventure of going abroad with all your mates
  • Travel broadens the mind

Cheap pint infograph
Average Prices in 2018

OK I am not sure of the last one; travel broadens the mind, just how much culture you will manage to cram into your stag weekend abroad? 

In my mind, culture can come from any experience abroad; drinking in a foreign bar, going to a nightclub, or eating in a McDonalds where English isn't the first language - if you don't experience these things, then your mind won't be broadened - I need a sit down after those words of wisdom.

In a nutshell I think there will be two very important factors before any of the other points are considered, where the stag or group wants to go and then the cost - in that order.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one.



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