Last Minute Stag Do

Looking for that Last Minute Stag Do which is giving you the hebejebes?

Well don't worry too much as booking through a stag do company like DesignaVenture can really minimise your stress.

The cons of booking it yourself is finding availability, especially in June, July and August when most of the popular hot spots are full, you may find yourself up against it.

Stag Companies such as DesignaVenture can really help with availability as they will have live up dates from hotels and activity sites all around the country.

They also have an abundance of resources so if your first choice is not available you should be able to get as close to it as possible.

As you are booking last minute, try and keep the price as low as possible - this will keep everyone in the group happy as don't forget; spending money is also vital.

We also find most last minute stag dos are smaller than your average stag group as people may not have enough time to book days off or get out of going to a family event, so don't worry too much about the size of your group, 4 people is better then no stag weekend!

Try and be as flexible as you can, as previously mentioned booking late means you will be up against finding space in hotels and activity sites, so your first choice may not be available.

Keep Your Money In Your Pocket
Booking late (within 4 weeks of travel) also means that you will need to pay in full at time of booking, so if you don't know or trust a member of the group don't pay for him as he may let you down last minute and you will be left out of pocket.

So keep your hands in your pocket and if they don't pay you at the booking stage they will always have the option to book on later, subject to availability.

So for a great last minute stag do don't stress, let the experts take the burden.


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