Bubble Football Inflates

If you have never heard of Bubble Football also known as Zorb Football before, then I have a question for you, where on earth have you been?

Since early last year when an Italian Bubble Football video went viral (see below), this activity became the next must do stag activity.

The idea is to run as fast as you can at your opponent, knock him off his feet, steal the ball and score a goal; easier said then done!

Bubble football is loads of fun, it's not always easy to knock someone over but it's loads of fun trying. I had a knack of getting people to bounce, which helped me win a few games especially 'last man standing', if you would like to know my secret knack, ask me via my comments box below.

"Why is it such a fantastic stag do activity then?"

I am just getting to that, Bubble Football is a fantastic stag do activity because it combines football, competition, mucking about with your mates, can be done almost anywhere and the whole group can get involved - with very little hanging around.

It's also great value for money, from £30.00* per person for which can be classed as a half day's activity that's more spending money left in your skyrocket (skyrocket = pocket, I'm just trying to sound 'street').

Go to our website for details:

Just Bubble Football

Packages that include Bubble football

Men in a sports hall standing by bubble football suits / Zorb Football Suits

What's usually included?

With DesignaVenture (not sure about other websites), we include the venue**, the Bubble / Zorb suits, referee and footballs.

Once you have played a couple games of football and want to try something different there are games such as last man standing, bulldog etc. to compete in; to win, you basically have to stay on your feet.

Who invented Bubble / Zorb Football?

Well according to a couple of website sources two Norwegian guys by the name of Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created the game in 2012 to play on their Norwegian TV show, Golden Goal.

In 2013 when the above YouTube video went viral in the UK, Google was alight with searches for zorb / bubble football.

Will Bubble Football deflate?

Only slightly, I'm not sure it will reach the dizzy heights of last year with internet searches going from  nothing to Millions within a couple of weeks however, it will always be a fantastic stag activity and will sit happily in the top 10 popular stag activities.

*Price correct when this post was published.
**Usually a football sports centre with all weather pitches, changing rooms, reception and a bar!


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