Stag Do Ideas For The Summer

The summer is the ultimate time to have your stag weekend, you've got the weather, time off and oh it's close to the actual wedding date*, it's traditional to have your stag do before your wedding however tradition these days has gone out the window and some stag weekends are held when the. weather is better.

*According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) wedding breakdowns by season are:

Spring: 33.4%

Summer: 38.6%

Autumn: 22.7%

Winter: 5.3%

So we've put together some summer stag do ideas which are available throughout the UK.

Whether you've booked a city centre hotel or a Air B&B in the country, it's always a great idea to have an event to keep the boys busy, out the pub and giving the groom a memorable event he can post on social media, might be the only time photos are allowed!

Stag do ideas....

Rage buggy racing - This is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and is one of our favourite all time activities. You'll be driving a high-powered off-road buggy around a specially designed track, competing against your mates, what more do you need.

Quad biking - Another off-road adventure, this time on four wheels. You'll be either navigating rough terrain, mud, and puddles while trying to beat your buddies to the finish line, or off road trekking around countryside only quad bikes can get around. 

White water rafting - This is a thrilling summer stag do activity, however some stags are brave enough to do it in the winter. You and your mates need to navigate rapids and working together as a team to make it down the river without capsizing.

Beer bike - A unique and lairy way to explore the city while enjoying a cold pint. You'll be peddling your way around while sipping on your favourite beers, luckily a sober hired driver will make sure you don't crash.

Bubble football - A incredible twist to the classic game, football. You'll be wearing inflatable bubbles and trying to score goals while bouncing around and colliding with your opponents, it's the only time in football where fouling is the name of the game.

Paintballing - This is THE classic stag do activity that never goes out of style. You'll be suited up in protective gear, designed to stop the paint hitting your clothes and armed with paintball guns to do some damage against your opponents. Games have adapted over the years to become more exciting and frantic than ever, so be prepared for the adrenaline.

Indoor / Outdoor go-karting - This is another popular high-speed stag do activity that will have you and your friends racing around a track in high powered electric karts (indoor) or petrol powered engines for massive outdoor tracks. Always popular with the lads whether they're a petrol head or just plain competitive. 

Escape room - This is a great activity for those who enjoy problem-solving and puzzling puzzles. You'll be locked in a room and need to work together to solve clues and escape before time runs out, most big stag groups are split up into different rooms, so the competition is to see which group gets out first, that's if they get out!

Axe throwing - A unique activity that involves throwing axes at a target (obviously). Usually Axe throwing wouldn't make the cut but over years it has become popular with stag and hen groups and it's a great way to blow off some steam.

Zip Wire - More and more ziplines are popping up around the country and if you're looking for an incredibly fast thrill, a zip wire should be on your stag weekend itinerary. The best Zip Wire that needs to be mention is in North Wales, up in Snowdonia we have the fastest zip wire in the work and the longest!

Whatever you get up to this summer....

Have a good one



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