Bournemouth Stag Heaven or Hell?

Well let's gets straight to business, Bournemouth is only stag do hell if you're not on a stag do and you're in your 70s, in our humble opinion and we have been sending stag parties to Bournemouth for 20 years, Bournemouth is definitely stag heaven.

So that's that question answered, move on there's nothing to see here, well actually there's loads to see here, as you were:


First of all the the nightlife in Bournemouth is legendary. Whether you're looking for a quiet pint or a wild night out, you'll find it all here. Just make sure you don't end up in a karaoke bar singing "I Will Survive" in a tutu - or make sure you do, whatever stirs your custard.


No matter what stag activity you are looking to do whether it's racing, shooting, paddle boarding or anything else ending in ing, Bournemouth has it all. One of the reasons why stags come to Bournemouth is because there is loads to do, the firm favourites are mostly motorised including rage buggies, quad biking, outdoor race karts... Bournemouth has a plethora of stag do activities and you will be spoilt for choice.


The great thing about this epic seaside town is that most hotels in the centre of Bournemouth are stag friendly and are easy walking distance to the clubs, pubs and bars.

There is also a good mixture of hotels catering for all budgets, we also offer glamping in safari lodges.

But why Bournemouth?

That's a decent question, if you've been rattling around the internet looking for cheap flights to Spain, Eastern Europe or somewhere hot the chances are most flight prices are becoming unbearable. 

Booking early for flights is the key to getting a good price but that's a chat for another day, but if you want to know now, see our How to keep the price down on your stag do.

So being priced out of a stag weekend abroad means you need to look closer to home and even though Bournemouth is on the South coast of England, throughout the summer (most of the time), it has great weather. PLUS there is also seven miles of extremely clean sandy beaches.  

So now you have a fantastic destination for that stag weekend by the beach you can drive or get the train to and with the money you saved on flights you have extra dollar to spend on some crazy stag activities. 

Whatever you get up to this summer

Have a good one



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