Let's Talk Free Place For The Stag

stag being thrown up into the air by stag party

Getting married isn't cheap, actually getting married is as expensive as you want it, it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg but it usually does.

With this in mind, think about the happy couple when booking the stag do. If they're forking out an absolute fortune to create an incredible memorable day not just for them but for their friends and family, maybe alleviating some of the cost burden would be a massively welcomed by trying to make sure the stag goes for free on his stag weekend.

"So how do you do that?" alright, alright this isn't Panto!

In my mind there are 2 ways....

Booking through a stag company

DesignaVenture offers a free place to the stag, providing at least 15 people attend the weekend/day. The only stipulation is it doesn't include flight inclusive stag packages. If, there are 10 - 14 people attending then he can go for half price, you can then spread the difference of his half price place over the whole group.

This is the best way of gifting your stag a free place, not only do you get the cost saving you also get a professionally arranged stag do.

Spreading the cost over the group

If you've booked independently, booked a flight inclusive stag package or your group is less than 10 people you could always spread the cost of his stag place over the group. 

Here's a big tip: You can give the group a rough idea of cost when you book but don't confirm the actual cost until everyone has paid a deposit. The reason for this is some group members may not be very reliable and say they are coming and when it comes to parting with their cash they start ghosting you, or giving you excuses like they have to stay at home and look after their chickens.

The best way to do it, so you the stag organiser is not out of pocket, is once everyone has financially committed with a deposit, then you can give everyone their price including the shared price of the stag's place.

Remember, the stag years* will not last for long, so enjoy them!

Have a good one.


*The stag years = when everyone in your friendship group gets married and it seems like you're on a stag weekend for every weekend of your life.

Believe me this does not last for long and you will miss it when you're old and grey!


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