Stick A Turbo Into Your Game Of Cricket - Ashes Edition

Stag party playing Turbo Cricket


Prepare for the Ashes and get ready for the latest sensation in the world of stag do activities: Turbo Cricket

Gather your mates and prepare for a cricket game with rules that are simply out of this world, dear boy.

Turbo Cricket is a thrilling 6-a-side cricket game that can be played practically anywhere. Whether it's a 5-a-side football pitch, an indoor sports hall or any outdoor space, you can unleash your cricketing skills and have a blast.

Forget the hassle of pads, jock straps and helmets. We've got you covered with proper cricket bats, full-sized wickets with a base and a soft ball that ensures a safe and enjoyable game.

Our trusty umpire will arrive with everything you need, including the equipment and a thorough explanation of the rules. If you're curious about the specifics, here we go....

The Rules


- 10-over innings with 6-ball overs.

- Batters retire at 20 runs.

- Enjoy unlimited turns with a conveyor belt-style batting order.

- Batters stick to one end only.

- Switch ends at the end of each over.

You're out if you:

- Get bowled, caught, hit wicket or run out.

- Or if you're a mighty hitter and manage to clear the fence.


- Everyone gets a chance to bowl.

- Maximum of 2 overs per person.

- Wides and no-balls must be re-bowled but only in the 10th over.


- Catching is fair game, whether it's caught off the net or kick boards, as long as it doesn't touch the ground!

- Spectacular catches off the boundary kick-boards must be taken with one hand.

Of course, there are a few more minor rules that the umpire will explain upon arrival. You'll also learn more as you dive into the fast-paced, loads-of-fun Turbo Cricket experience. We believe this game was made for stag weekends and we guarantee you'll have a blast!

So gather your squad, prepare for a cricketing adventure like no other and create unforgettable memories with Turbo Cricket on your stag do !

Have a good one!



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