Tech Up Your Stag Do - Part Two

Thanks for the memories
Whilst on your stag do, you will need to capture all those great memorable moments on either video or with clear vivid images.

So, get your hands on a waterproof HD camera there are loads about. The Kodak PlaySport is a good one, it's cheap and extremely handy for you to film your stag group taking part in white water rafting, Coasteering or Canyoning as it’s waterproof up to 3 metres and is homed in a rugged case so it can take a few bumps and tumbles.

Alternatively you can conceal your smart phone in a waterproof case and record your brilliant stag do moments however, don’t buy a cheap one or you may kiss goodbye to your Smart phone!

There are also loads of DSLR’s on the market which are also getting smaller and smarter, with fantastic quality images and if you bundle it with a zoom lens you can pap your mates in Rage Buggies bricking themselves on the other side of the course without having to move an inch.

Go Find Yourself
Sat Nav’s are not a new phenomenon however, they are incredibly useful especially when you are in a new part of the country and every road sign is a mystery.

You can now even get Sat Nav Apps for your smart phone which is ideal for the stag organiser not wanting to get tied down in to many wires!!

Track The Stag
If you are worried that the stag slopping off early we have a great tech idea which will track his every minute.

He is bound to have a GPS enabled smart phone and using instamapper you can trace him in real time. So now, the stag cannot escape the flaming Sambuca’s or the Jager bombs, poor fella! 


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