Stag Do Insurance - Why It's Essential

"It's a stag do for crying out loud, why the hell do I need insurance? Stag dos are meant to be edgy, why do I need to grey it up with insurance, I'm not 60!"

Well first of all, your stag do can still be edgy, it can still be a lads holiday, just protect yourself, and I'm not talking about a trip to Boots for a 'pack of 3'.

A stag do abroad is one holiday you must insure yourself, first of all, medical cover, and I think an E11 card just won't do, and you don't need a hefty bill at the end of the weekend, so get yourself insured.

But before all that, even before you go, if you fork out in excess of £300 for a weekend and then can't make the stag weekend because of a family bereavement or you've broken your leg (it does happen people) then you have insurance to claim your money back from.

If you have gone for the cheapest fare or booked a low cost airline ticket, you will not get your money back when cancelling at any time, and it's highly unlikely hotels and activity sites will refund once you have paid them.

Most stag do companies, such as DesignaVenture, have terms and conditions with cancelation timescale charges, so whatever you loose your insurance company should cover.*

What about a stag do in the UK, I don't need insurance right?

Well, personally, I think you do.

OK, if you have just booked a night in a hotel with nightclub which costs less than sixty quid then maybe not, however be prepared to loose your money if you can't make the night. However, it's not just about the cancelation cover, if you injure yourself and you cannot go to work your insurance may cover you for that.

On average most activity based UK stag dos cost around £150 per person, an extra approximately £10 for insurance should not be an issue.

Your insurance should not only cover you for cancelation, but also for matters that you might not consider such as curtailment, loss of property (such as your iPhone or an expensive watch) and injury**.

At DesignaVenture we don't sell travel insurance as we are too busy concentration on creating killer stag dos however, we do sell the idea of travel insurance to cover you on your stag do.

*Depending on your excess

**Before buying your insurance make sure that it covers you for the activities you have booked, also read the small print to make sure you insure yourself properly


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