10 Tips On Surviving A Stag Do

Surviving a stag, well that's easy isn't it; paracetamol, toothbrush and a spare pair of cacks... what else do you need?

OK, OK, it isn't the 1970s, we have become a little more civilised, haven't we?

There are a few fast rules and pointers everyone can take onboard whilst arranging, attending and coming back off a stag.

These are 10 survival tips for all best men and stag do organisers out there:

Survival Tip 1
When arranging a stag do, firstly I recommend you use a company who can take all the stress and strain out of the process.

For example my company DesignaVenture; not only arrange all the venues, hotels, activities etc. we also have a website where you can view your booking and invite people to pay individually, you can also see who's paid and who needs chasing.

You then get a pack electronically, so you can forward it to all the boys (if you want to) giving them all the info they need, saving you the time of having to answer all the questions under the sun and mothering them on the stag weekend.

Survival Tip 2
Don't book anything the future bride may have an issue with, if you do decide there are a few things on the stag do that she might give you or the stag grief, keep these, "lets call them activities" on a need to know basis, you don't even need to tell the stag, and possibly, you won't anyway.

Which activities will the bride not like? Well Lap Dancing or Strippers to start off with, DesignaVenture have an activity called stag arrest, she may have a turn about this activity! Even dangerous activities such as sky diving or bungee jumping, it really depends on how nervous she is about her future husband going on a stag do.

Survival Tip 3
If you are booking the stag do, do not pay for anyone who you don't know or trust, being out of pocket to show your allegiance to your best mate shows stupidity not how much you love him.

Survival Tip 4
Use social media (private pages) to get the message across, set up a WhatsApp group or anything you can share instructions, directions, itineraries etc. The more information you can get the to the guys before you go the better, you don't want them turning up at a Hilton in Bournemouth when it's a Hilton in Bristol!

Survival Tip 5
Don't let the boys peak to soon, so book an activity to keep them out the pubs. I have been on stags with and without daytime activities and even though the ones without activities are good fun, most of the group fell apart by 7pm, leaving the stag an uneventful night. So book an activity for the daytime and drinkies for the night time, it makes sense.

Survival Tip 6
When you checked into your hotel (especially when abroad), take a hotel card, that way when you're worst for wear and you want to get back to your bed, get in a taxi, and show him the card.

Survival Tip 7
Organise a stag kitty as soon as the group is together, that way you'll eliminate any round issues, i.e. people moaning because tight Terry hasn't put his hand in his pocket all weekend.

Survival Tip 8
Most stag parties hit the town or city centre on every night they are away. Now just imagine door security watching your group of 15 lads turn up at their premises, a fair won't let you in. This is why it is imperative that you pre book tickets into nightclubs and bars. You don't want to be all dressed up and no where to go.

Survival Tip 9
Talking of getting all dressed up, if you intend to get into fancy dress make sure the venues you are booked in to (as you listened to my Survival Tip 8) allow fancy dress. You don't want to be spending your hard earned cash on a fancy dress outfit you have to change out of at the beginning of the night.

Survival Tip 10
What goes on tour, stays on tour, simple.

Good luck.


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