Stag Packages Vs Build Your Own Stag Weekend

So what's best, building your own stag weekend or booking a popular package?

Build Your Own Stag Weekend
These days you can build your own stag do on most stag websites, DesignaVenture has a very easy way of building your own stag weekend, giving you lots of destination choices, activity and hotel options, plus it gives you a price, there and then, no messing!

Alternatively, you can build your own stag weekend by simply booking every aspect of the weekend separately - this may work out cheaper then booking through a stag company however, it will take you a lot of time and and you must be committed.

Stag Packages
These are ready made packages, and usually include popular activities, nightlife and city centre hotels, most of the time these packages are discounted.

We have an extremely easy way of viewing stag packages which will help you find your perfect stag night or weekend.

So what's best for my group then?

That's a very good question...

OK, say you know that you want:

Location: Newquay
Date: July
Number of nights: 3
Daytime activities: Quad Biking & Jet Ski-ing
Night time activities: Bar Entry (Friday night) & Guest List Club Entry (Saturday night)

Then that's easy, go ahead and build it on a stag website (preferably DesignaVenture!!) or you can search Google and try and find each element and give them a ring.

However, you may find a similar (popular) package on a website which may work out cheaper than even booking it all yourself.

For example you can book the above scenario as a package on our website, it's called Newquay Wheels & Water.

Quad biking in Newquay is awesome by the way....

If you're unsure on what you want or even where you want to go to, browsing popular packages is a great way of seeing what stags get up to in that chosen city. You will also get a good idea on how much it's going to cost and what activities are on offer.

Popular stag packages are also a great and simple solution, giving you value for money all bookable with one deposit and maybe one click.

So conclusion...

Building your own stag weekend is a great tool and will give you ownership over your stag weekend.

Booking a popular stag package gives you value for money and is also a simple solution to what can be a time consuming and daunting experience.

So who wins?

You, the consumer, as you have more choice than ever before you lucky people.

Good luck



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