Top 3 Stag Party Drinking Games

There are some brilliant drinking games around at the moment and if your on a stag weekend and there's a bit of a lull, you as the BEST MAN will need to have a game up your sleeve.

So I have a had a scout around, knocked on some doors and got the lads together and we have put together our top 3 stag party drinking games.

We haven't gone with elaborate drinking games which require a lot effort, to be honest the least effort the better, and have included them below along with what you need and the all important rules.


This was by far the best drinking game and had us all in fits to the point where beer was coming out of my nose!

OK apart from beer/cider or your tipple of choice, this is all you need...

Get your lighter and burn your cork at one tip until it's completely black, make sure:
  1. It's cooled down before using
  2. It's made of cork and not of synthetic plastic
Give everybody an Ibble Dibble number, so for example I was; "number 3 dibble".

  • Everyone starts with a clean face so no dibbles
  • The stag is named number 1 dibble and starts
  • He has to call out another person and let's say that person's number is 4 dibble
  • With this exact call out the stag would say "This is ibble dibble, number 1 dibble with no dibbles, calling ibble dibble, number 4 dibble with no dibbles.
  • Then, number 4 dibble would call out someone with that exact phrase except changing the numbers.
  • The first person to mess up or is not paying attention to his call out has to drink two fingers of his drink and has a dibble put onto his face from the blackened cork.
  • Say the stag is the first person to get a dibble, he would then say "This is ibble dibble number 1 dibble with 1 dibble, calling ibble dibble number 4 dibbles with no dibbles.
  • The more dibbles you get the more confused you get
Last example, if the stag who has 8 dibbles on his face and calls out number 6 dibble who had 5 dibbles, he would say...

"This is ibble dibble number 1 dibble with 8 dibbles calling ibble dibble number 6 dibble with 5 dibbles"



To start off with you need a pack of playing cards and a pint glass. Shuffle the cards and make a ring with the cards and place the pint glass in the centre, see diagram below:

Get all your mates to sit around the ring of fire with their drink of choice, preferably not shots as you're meant to walk away from this game (drink responsibly people).

One person starts by picking up a card (see below for which each card means), then go clockwise around the ring of fire until the last king has been picked up.

Card Meanings

Top Tip: Copy and paste these detail onto a word doc or any text doc and print it out to take with you....


If you pick up the...

ACE (Waterfall)
Start drinking, everyone else must also start drinking until you stop, basically no one stops drinking until you finish so is a good way to flush out the light weights.

Number 2 (Choose)
Choose anyone in the group to drink, usually we recommend when you get nominated to drink, a 2 finger measurement is suffice.

Number 3 (Me)
You'll need to drink a 2 finger measurement.

Number 4 (Whore)
A tiny bit un-pc - this basically means all the girls in the group drink, I think you can nominate the stag for this one!

Number 5 (Thumb)
You're in control of this one, it's like a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" well until someone else picks up a 5. When you stick your thumb on the table everyone else must follow suit, the last person to do this must drink.

Number 6 (Dicks)
All the boys drink

Number 7 (Heaven)
Point to heaven, the last person in the group to do this must drink.

Number 8 (Mate)
Choose a mate to drink with, and umm drink.

Number 9 (Rhyme)
Choose a word and shout it out, then the person next to you has to shout out a word which rhymes and so on, the first person to mess up, drinks.

Number 10 (Categories)
You need to pick a category say a Premier League club and then shout out say "Manchester City" the first person to shout out the wrong word (category) drinks.

Jack (Make a rule)
You make up a rule, for example when you drink you must hold out your pinky finger, or shout out "down the hatch" before each sip - everyone must follow this rule until the end of the game.

Queen (Question Master)
Ask the person next to you a question, then they have to answer with a question, it doesn't matter what question it is as long as it's a question. This then goes around the whole group until someone messes up, the person who gets it wrong... that's right has a drink.

King (Pour or End Game Drink)
Pick up a king and you pour some of your drink into the pint glass in the middle of cards, whoever picks up the last king has to down the contents of the pint glass in the middle of the ring of fire and it's the end of the game.

If your group loved the game or it ended to quickly, set up the game again!


Beer Pong is a game from the states, and has featured on loads of films including American Pie, Bachelor Party etc.

It's a relatively simple game where you'll need:
  • Table tennis balls 
  • Paper cups 
  • Beer (or a tipple of your choosing) 
  • A long table
You then arrange the cups in a pyramid shape at one end of the table or if you're playing in teams both ends.

The idea is to get the table tennis balls into your opponents cup, if you succeed, your opponent needs to drink up, if you miss, it's their turn.

The winner is the team or individual with a remaining cup.

There are lots of variations to the rules plus different types of shooting styles such as one bounce etc.

This is what Beer Pong like in the US where they take it very seriously, very seriously indeed with a $50,000 prize, yowzers!

Here are the official Beer Pong house party rules.

We also have a Top 10 Stag Do Games which isn't just about drinking, if you haven't organised your stag party yet, get over to the DesignaVenture website for loads of inspiration, ideas and epic packages and adventures.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!


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