Tuesday, 15 December 2015

When Should I Book The Stag Do?

Stag Night Sign Neon Lights
This is possibly the first question most Best Men ask themselves as soon as they have been asked by the groom to to be the best man, "when should I book the stag do?". Well it's an easy one really, as soon as you can.

Right that's this post finished, my work is done!

OK, OK that's a bit of a cop out, why do you need to book the stag do as early as you can? What happens if people drop out? Of course; you don't want to loose any money.

These are perfectly good reasons to putting off booking the stag do, however, you will still need to do it, if you put it off it will never happen, so grab the horn by the bulls, I mean grab the bull by the horns and get your mind round it.

Booking early is always best, take it from me - you will get the best hotel, activities, cheaper flight, you will also give the group plenty of time to sort themselves out money wise and time off from work and their spouses.

Here's a little cheeky plug, booking early with a stag do company such as DesignaVenture is a breeze, for all non flight inclusive packages, all you need to do is to advise us of a rough idea of numbers and pay a £30 group deposit and that's it, it's all done.

We will also talk you through all the main terms and conditions and back it all up in writing. You will be able to invite group members via your online area of the DesignaVenture website, and they can pay independently, saving you the hassle of collecting all the money in person.

However, if you decide to go to the dark side and book your stag elsewhere, here are some top tips, well I am trying to keep this blog unbiased / impartial.

Stag tied to a lamppost being pranked
First things first, before you part with any money, make sure you understand the terms and conditions and if you don't want to have a yawn-fest of reading them, get the person you are booking the stag do through, to advise you about the main areas such as:

What happens if people drop out?
What are the cancelation restrictions?
What happens if you need to change the date?
When does all payments need to be completed by?

I am sure you will have more questions so just ask away, after all you are the customer and deserve to know everything.

Booking flights, what's that all about then?

OK this is when it get's a bit trickier. Most of the time you can only book your flights approximately 9 to 12 months in advance depending on which airline and route you need to book. You will also need to pay in full for the flight section of the package if you book with a low cost airline, however if you book with a scheduled airline such as British Airways, Iberia or KLM (for example), and providing you have a group of over 10 people, you can book a group ticket. The group ticket has more flexible booking conditions and payment terms which is ideal for booking rough idea of numbers.

Remember providing you are aware of the terms and conditions, getting your stag do booked early is essential, not only will it be a weight off your shoulders you will also be a hero, in the Groom-to-be's eyes that is.

Now a couple of other useful areas you might need to know is, should the groom pay for his own stag do?

Should we prank the stag, I should coco!

Good luck.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stag Do Ideas For February

Man doing snow angels
February is a funny time of year to have a stag do, you have just got over the hangover of Christmas and it's time to spend some more money on partying, ah well you only live once (or YOLO as some trendy, out there people may say, I don't, because I am neither!).

Below are a list of killer ideas for your stag do in February:


Christmas is over, however you're still paying for your Mum's bread maker, and you're girlfriend's underwear (hopefully it's not the other way round, or you're in trouble); in this case you don't have an awful amount of cash to spare.

There is no better place to party then the UK with Bournemouth being the number one destination.

As Bournemouth is a Uni town, the bars and clubs are busy most of the year round and in February would you believe Bournemouth heats up nicely with a fantastic party atmosphere.

We have quite a few packages on our Bournemouth section of our website, full of great prices and deals for February.

Birmingham is another stag do destination which has lively nightlife and can be done on a bit of a budget. Broad Street is always lively and as the Birmingham council are spending millions on a much needed facelift and regeneration you will love the new look, it's looks more European than Brussels.


Including adventure in a stag do is the norm these days, something that will keep the boys out of the bars until at least lunch time (or later) with an activity that will put hair on their chests.

North Wales is a great place to scare the living bejesus out of yourselves from Canyoning, White Water Rafting or even racing super fast Rage Buggies all available and all totally do-able in February.

Edinburgh is great city to celebrate your stag do, and is just a short driving distance from the highlands where you can do similar activities to North Wales but there's more chance of seeing some of the white stuff, I am talking about snow.

Stag Group Bobsleighing in Riga
How about flying down an Olympic standard track in a Bobsleigh, well you'll need to be in Riga for a start and on a stag do, there are only a handful of places in the world that cater for stag dos like Riga.

If you prefer to stay closer to home how about Bristol, stay in the centre of this lively and very popular city and then travel twenty minutes to one of the best activity sites in the UK. The selection is massive and all on one amazing site, activities include; Rage Buggies, Quad Bike Racing, Shooting Assault Rifles, Supakats, Exploding Archery, Axe Throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting... the list is endless.


By February the UK's winter can feel like it's been here since 1973 so what better way to crush those winter blues by having a stag do somewhere warm.

In my mind the closest place to visit in February with a 99% chance of some decent warm sunshine is Tenerife.

A group enjoying a pool party in Tenerife
Tenerife is Spanish owned and is about a 4 hour flight from the UK. Playa De Las Americas is the liveliest resort on the Island which has loads of bars, clubs and an atmosphere to boot.

Check out Tenerife's legendary pool parties, they are awesome.

If you're budget can stretch it, how about Las Vegas?

Vegas is the Stag Do Haven of the world, with day and nightlife so good, they'll have to physically arrest you to get you back on the plane, either that or you'll run out of spends.

You could try Benidorm, however the weather in the Med isn't guaranteed that time of year, can be rather wet.

You can find loads of stag do ideas on our website, and if you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call on 01432 830880, we are up for any request.

Good luck!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Stag Do Ideas For 2016

Has your best mate just asked you to be his best man and more importantly asked you to arrange his stag do for year?

2016 is knocking at the door people, it's ringing the doorbell, shouting through your letterbox; within a month and a bit you will be celebrating a New Year, so if you haven't started looking and you're in desperate need of some awesome stag do ideas, you have come to the right place.

DesignaVenture has been in business since 2003 and what we don't know about stag dos ain't worth knowing, or in some cases some of the stuff we do know, shouldn't be worth knowing, what goes on tour, stays on tour and all that!


So if the stag has requested sunshine, sangria and stupidly late nights with copious amounts of beer then look no further than Spain.

Within 2 and 3 hours you can be soaking up the sun, with a pint of San Miguel and the warm Mediterranean sea lapping at your toes.

Popular stag destinations such as Benidorm, Marbella, Majorca, Ibiza all have incredibly lively resorts with an atmosphere so good you could put lipstick on it and call it Barbara.

Alternatively if you're looking for a more cultural stag do, Spain will also deliver with resorts such as
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville. These cities are extremely characterful and extremely sophisticated in parts and are ideal for the stag party looking for a bit more of a dignified celebration.

Head to the Spanish Canary Islands between the months of November and April to guarantee sunshine. The liveliest resorts are Playa De Las Americas on Tenerife and Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria. Please note that the Canaries are approximately 4 hours from the UK.


There is no better time to for adventurous activities then on a stag do.

Adrenalin; chuck yourself off high cliff ledges into deep sea pools whilst coasteering, slide down waterfalls and traverse gorges whilst Canyoning or even toboggan down an Olympic designed course in Riga the choices are endless.

Motorised; from racing the amazing Stock Cars or incredibly fast Rage Buggies to thrashing through woodlands on quad biking, motorised activities are always popular on a stag do.

Waterways; tackle the white water rivers of Scotland or North Wales, go further a field to Prague or Valencia if you're abroad. Alternatively, canoe down the River Wye for a couple of nights on one of the most chilled out stag weekends you'll ever have.

Balls & Games

Bubble Football is an excellent stag do activity, it's cheap, brilliant as a group and you'll have so much fun you'll want to wear them at night!

Paintball is again it's cheap and a fantastic activity, sometimes to do Paintball on a stag do is a bit of a cliche and you may not original fancy it, however once you are fully armed up, and running through ambushes you'll get the buzz.

It's a Knockout is another amazing activity that you can do with your group and feel like a team. Take on other parties including loads of hen parties which adds to the whole occasion.

For literally thousands of stag do ideas, head over to our website, from packages to activity days to amazing nights out you will love it.

Good luck!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Domino Stagging

3 guys drinking shots on a stag do
What is Domino Stagging?

Basically, in your group of friends, one man will announce he is going to get married and has a stag do to arrange, all of a sudden the boys will start falling down like dominos and the marriage bug will affect all and sundry, it's totally infectious.

It happened to my group of friends and if it hasn't happened to you yet, just wait, it's going to!

So how do I prepare for Domino Stagging?

First of all you will need to get drinking fit, you might need a personal trainer, someone who is going to take you out every night and get you good and drunk, because you'll need to be able to stand up after 5 shots of Sambuca!

Luckily in your twenties and thirties, university life, going out and holidays with the lads etc. most of you will already be drinking fit.

You will need a passport, one with plenty of validity on it. Get a passport cover if you wish, pimp it up, do what ever it takes, but make sure you have one.

Deep pockets, you will also need pockets like a clown! It ain't going to be cheap however you are going to have some of the best weekends of your life!

Man dressed in Super hero fancy dress outfit with a lust for life
Get a lust for life, as you'll need to be up for anything. Stag dos these days aren't just about karting and then a drink down the pub, it's that and more. You may find yours self dressing up in a  Morph suit and going to dinner, or handcuffing the stag to a dwarf for the weekend or even learning how to pole dance, stags these days are pushing the boundaries more ways than one.

Learn how to be organised, as you will no doubt be asked to be a best man in the #dominostagging era, so getting the stag party into hotels, onto flights and to activity sites will be something expected of you.

Never in your life will the phrase "What Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour" mean so much, and said by so many.

You Will Eat, Drink, Sleep Stag Do - Think of this 'Era' as an initiation ceremony that lasts about 3 years, it's an initiation into the next stage of your life which will include mortgages, kids and Christmas dinners with your in-laws!

Walking Human DominosSo this is an important time of your life (#dominostagging), sharing experiences with old friends from school, uni, work etc. and getting it out of your system.

 It will also teach you a lot about yourself, mainly how much you can drink before you have the need to sit under a table and sing a Taylor Swift tunes, your future wife doesn't need to see that part of you!

So don't complain about all these stag dos, embrace them, get involved let your hair down and have the time of your life.

And lastly, get friendly with a stag do company such as DesignaVenture, they will help you out and make this part of your life a breeze to arrange, it's then down to you to enjoy!


Friday, 30 October 2015

Why On Earth Should We Stag In Tenerife?

Stag Party at Sunset in Tenerife
First and foremost, Tenerife is an awesome stag do destination with extremely lively nightlife and fantastic weather all year round.

Where on Earth is Tenerife?

To be precise, Tenerife is; 28.2686° N, 16.6056° W - I think that's a bit too precise Sorry. 

It's just off the coast of North Africa, west of Morocco's most southernly tip and in line with the Western Sahara desert, got it?

So that's why it can boast 365 days of sunshine, roughly around 80° F for most days of the year.

As Tenerife is an island (the largest and busiest of the Canary Islands) as your on a stag do you'll need to know where to party.

Playa De Las Americas or Las Americas is the liveliest resort with 100's of bars and clubs, a sandy beach and an atmosphere at night so cool, you could brush your teeth with it!

Veronicas By Night Playa De Las Americas

The famous Veronicas Strip is a no nonsense, get your head down and party area of Las Americas and it pretends to be nothing else. You will find plenty of bars and clubs to keep even the liveliest of stag groups happy and when you need to eat the 24 hour takeaways and restaurants will be happy to help you soak up all that 2 for 1 alcohol. 

The last time I went to Las Americas there were lots of special offers in most of the bars and clubs such as 2-4-1 drinks, free shots, free entry etc.

If you fancy somewhere a little more sophisticated you can head for Los Christianos which is about a 20 minute stroll from Las Americas via a pedestrian promenade. 

In Los Christianos you will find plenty of great restaurants, good bars a couple of clubs and a more sedate atmosphere to Las Americas.

A few things to consider

  • Tenerife has 2 airports, for Playa De Las Americas and Los Christianos you'll need Tenerife South Airport which is called Reina Sofia Airport
  • Don't go to the North of the Island if you want sunshine and a lively night out, the North is usually cloudy especially in the winter months and quiet
  • Most low cost airlines fly into Tenerife South from the UK
  • Daily Average temperature is 26.6°C
  • As Tenerife is owned by Spain, Euros is the currency you'll need

Mount Teide Tenerife with snow on top
Worth a visit

I know you're on a stag do, but if you fancy getting away from the bars for the day Tenerife has the third highest Volcano in the world and the highest elevation in Spain, Mount Teidi (pronounced bang Tidy). There are plenty of day trips up there and in the winter months it usually has snow on top, so don't forget your winter clothing.  

As Mount Teidi is a Volcano, last erupted in 1909, the moon-like terrain is a great place for selfies and stag photos.

Tenerife is a brand new stag destination for DesignaVenture and we have lots of packages which can be found here.

So if you need somewhere warm and lively, particularly in the winter months, Tenerife is the stag destination of choice.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Stag Do Traditions

In the UK a stag do is a tradition, a time when a man calls for all his best mates and friends to get together and celebrate his single life before he gets married.

In France they call it "enterrement de vie de garçon" which basically translates to "burial of the life as a boy or bachelor".

Back to the UK, usually the 'stag or groom to be', nominates one, two or even three best men who will then take on the task of organising the stag.

They will not only organise the it but also arrange what's going to happen on the stag, The Traditions.

People think that traditions are hundreds of years old, but in my mind a tradition is something which has passed on from stag to stag.

What are these traditions I hear you ask?

I'm just getting to that...

The Right To Humiliate The Stag

Humiliating the stag is a good one to start with, these humiliation rituals are done on different levels of the embarrassment spectrum.

The worst I saw was when a stag, who remains nameless (Dave Price*), was stripped down to his birthday suit, outside of his home town (Shrewsbury*) and made to walk to the nightclub to pick up his clothes, phone and wallet before entering the club.

Now my humiliation was alcohol, I was made to sink silly amounts of shots before 11am, I managed to keep my dignity and quickly drank loads of water in the toilet (not out of the toilet).

Now I am confused, doesn't humiliate the stag and 'stag do pranks' go together, aren't they linked?

Stag Do Pranks

From The Gaffer, (gaffer taping the stag to something solid like a tree or the obvious lamp post see picture above), to getting him arrested to waking him up with his leg in plaster, stag do pranks are as traditional in the UK as fish and chips, sliced bread and a nice cup of tea.

The Kitty

The stag kitty is something that makes a whole load of sense and that's why it's a stag do tradition. Isn't it a nightmare when you feel you have bought more drinks then anyone else or Dave keeps dipping out of buying rounds, and that's why the Stag Kitty was invented. 

Think of the kitty as the UN, it keeps the peace - everyone sticks in the same amount of money and is topped up equally once it's low on funds. Usually, someone who is unlikely to get slaughtered or the most trusted member of the stag group (not necessarily the best man) is put in charge of it. 

On one stag do I attended we used an old ladies purse to add a different dimension to the whole tradition and to make you look a little silly at the bar!

What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour

This is a tradition to save your blushes, nothing should be discussed about the stag weekend to anyone outside of the group. It goes without saying most of the time however if you have a few newbies on the stag do make sure this is drilled into them before the weekend starts.

Fancy Dress

More traditional now then it's ever been, especially when the whole group dresses up. In days gone by it started with sticking the stag in a wedding dress, now everyone turns up in themed outfits like super heroes, old ladies or just to keeping it simple with stag t-shirt.

Stag Do Games

Again, like fancy dress Stag Do Games is a recent phenomenon. From drinking games to a simple list of Dare's. Don't forget that some of these guys don't know each other so chucking in a few stag do games at the start of the weekend is a great ice-breaker.

*Names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent, What Goes On Tour....

Friday, 9 October 2015

Festival and Event Ideas For Your 2016 Stag Do

Stag Group at Royal Ascot
2016 is railroading towards us and there is nothing we can do, unless we have a DeLorean and a crazy scientist called Doc we are basically screwed, so best get organised then!

If you have a stag do to organise and you are thinking about including a festival or an event to proceedings get yourself sorted as tickets go fast.

I have put together some top festivals and events for you to consider.

Say the stag loves Formula 1, music or even has a fetish for tomatoes there should be a festival or event that suits.

Let's get started, with an event where you'll need to dress up as you're about to meet the Queen, yes it's Royal Ascot.

At DesignaVenture we have sold loads of Royal Ascot Horse Racing weekends to stag parties, it's such a fantastic weekend and Royal Ascot is famous all over the world. It's an event the stag will remember for the rest of his life, and that's the whole point of a stag weekend right?

If the stag loves speed (we're not talking about the 90's enhancer here) then you need to take him on a  Formula 1 weekend.

Now forget the UK, as it's far too expensive, head over to Barcelona or Budapest. Would you believe with flights, hotel, transfers and full weekend passes it can work out to be cheaper than if you actually go to the British Grand Prix?

Seriously, if your stag has a fetish for tomatoes or just loves to get mucky with loads of Spanish people, then head over to the tomato festival in Spain, we have written about this amazing festival on the blog, it's incredible!

3 girls drinking Steins at Oktoberfest
Love Beer? What am I talking about, of course you love beer, well there is no better place to hold your beer loving stag do than in Munich in October.

It's called Oktoberfest where 1.8 million gallons of beer is drunk, 1.8 million gallons and that's just one stag party from Belfast, b-boom!

Did you know Paris Hilton has been banned from Oktoberfest?

It's true Google it!

Kings Day in Amsterdam is another festival which people go mad for, all the Dutch dress up in bright Orange (it's more orange then the set of The Only Way is Essex) and celebrate their monarchy with dance parties galore, such a fantastic atmosphere!

Dizzy picture of Glastonbury
Glastonbury is the world's biggest music festival, I am sorry to say that all the tickets for 2016 have now sold out, so you have to be quick, or spend a lot of money on eBay!

If your stag is a budding artist then head over to the Nevada desert in the USA for the Burning Man festival where radical self expression is celebrated amongst 9 other principals. "Sounds a bit serious to me", don't worry you can get a beer and there is a massive dance area called Deep Playa Music Zone where top DJ's stick on their vinyl.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ideas For A Winter Stag Do

Lady Dressed For Winter in a Santa Outfit!
Currently we are having a very nice end to September and maybe a warm start to October, but let's not kid ourselves people, winter will be on us like a randy dog finding a kennel full of bitches, pre op!

Wether it's a Christmas wedding, a Valentine's day wedding or just a winter wedding; winter is a fantastic time to have a stag do, for a start it's usually cheaper and muddier, what more do you want, jam on it?


The UK is a fantastic choice, that's why it's called Great Britain (I'm more cheesy than than a packet of Wotsits).

If you are feeling really brave and want to beast the lads book Canyoning or White Water Rafting, honestly this will be memorable, we have some incredible stag do packages in North Wales with these activities in.

If you prefer a more indoor affair, the UK has some incredible facilities and activities. From indoor karting and Bubble Football for the active groups, cider and whisky tasting for the groups looking to keep warm and drunk!

If you are looking for a bargain, winter time is the best time to get cheap accommodation in the seaside resorts which are packed in the summer such as; Bournemouth or Newquay.

Bournemouth will be a lot busier then Newquay, and has some incredible activities, we have a fantastic package packed full of activities and is £55 cheaper then the summer price!

Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Chester, Nottingham and even Reading are all incredible stag destinations that will be busy in the winter months.


Tackle winter and head on and fly to the Baltics, currently Riga is the stag destination of choice, where you will find cheap hotels, activities and incredible nightlife and in the winter the prices are so low!

Above all that you have some fantastic winter stag activities which embraces the weather like groomsmen embrace a free bar at a wedding.

Snow Mobiles Racing
Try out the Snowmobiles they are incredibly fast and are loads of fun to drive, alternatively if you want the speed but don't want to do much except for holding on for dear life then you MUST have a go at the Bobsleighing.

Bobsleighing in Riga will see you racing down an Olympic standard track like a torpedo, not once but twice, in the summer months you can still Bobsleigh however you will have wheels rather than blades on ice which is standard for the winter months.

If you want to get away from the cold and heat up your bones the nearest places with almost guaranteed sunshine is the Canary Islands such as: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote etc.

Cyprus can be warm however, rains a lot in January and February especially in Paphos and can be quiet in Ayia Napa.

However there is always Las Vegas, guaranteed sunshine, all night parties, all day pool parties and possibly the best stag do you will never remember.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Booking Flights For Your 2016 Stag Party

If you are thinking of going abroad next year for your stag do then read on people as important news is in.

Easyjet and Ryanair have released their flights all the way up to June 2016.

"So why is this big news?"

Good question my laddie, most stag parties use Ryanair and Easyjet as their prices are low and they offer loads of routes.

The norm with flight seats especially low cost and scheduled airlines is they sell their cheapest seats first:

For example:

The first 1 -  20 seats = £25.00 per seat
20 - 49 seats = £35.00 per seat
 50 - 75 seats = £75.00 per seat

and so on...

We also currently have a very strong pound bringing down continental airport taxes which will also help bring down your ticket.

All this contributes to low seat prices, so booking your stag do early really down make sense.

The only downside is that you need to book and pay in full for all your flight seats, so that means you will need everyone's first and surnames all spelt correctly (matches their passport).

Steve usually = Stephen / Steven

By the way Spud is not a real name!

If you have a large group of mates you will need to be very organised as you don't want to be paying for maybes or people who say they are going to go and drop out leaving you with an unwanted flight.

Word of caution

Do not pay for a seat for someone you do not know or is known to be flaky (unreliable), the reason for this is airlines stick to their booking conditions like glue.

Especially Low Cost Airlines*, as apparently they make a lot of their money through the added extras and booking fees, for example if someone drops out and you have a replacement, there is a name change fee.

According to their website, Ryanair Charge £110 each way** so for a return journey that's £220.00! It may be cheaper just to book another flight seat, so check online first, these details can be found here on the Ryanair website.

Easyjet on the other hand currently take a different route (no pun intended) on name changes and charge:

Name Change Fee  - £35.00 each way**


The difference between the price of the flight seat when you booked it and the current price, so if your flight cost £100 and it's now £150.00, you will also be charged the difference (£50.00).

So the theoretical cost to change the name would be £35.00 x 2  name change fee (charge each way) + £50 flight price difference = £120.00

You can find out more details on the Easyjet's website.

There is another way

If you don't think you can get your stag group's act together there is another way, book your flight with a scheduled airline*** and use their group department.

Providing you have over 10 people in your group the terms are much more flexible with small deposits (can be as little as £5 per seat), you don't have to pay the balance until approximately 6 weeks before you travel and the names are not due until a couple of weeks before.****

Book your flight inclusive stag do package through DesignaVenture. They will handle all this for you with ease, making your break abroad hassle free. DesignaVenture are also ATOL protected - our ATOL number is 6596.

*Low cost airlines is a generic term for airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2, Flybe, Wizz Air etc. 

**This fee is based on changing the name online, if you make the changes at the airport or over the telephone the price is higher.

*** Scheduled airlines include British Airways, Air France, KLM etc.

****Each airline's terms and conditions vary, as with all travel booking please make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you book.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Best Man Duties

Nerds watching a lady strip on a stag do
This is your 'Best Man Duties'... how it really is, so pull up a chair digest and get excited about the big day, after all you are one of the main members of the wedding congregation!

First Of All organise The Stag Do
You will quickly discover that people say one thing but actually mean another, ‘yes’ means ‘maybe’ and ‘no’ means ‘I might change my mind’. Spreadsheets will become the bane of your life and you will probably question why your mate has some very annoying flakey friends!

That’s where DesignaVenture can help relieve the pressure, on this amazing website (we are a little biased) you can book online, view your booking online, send people invites, get them to pay individually (online or over the telephone), see who has paid at any time and on top of all that you have the incredible DesignaVenture customer service, which is second to none.

At The Church

Assisting The Groom On His Wedding Day
First and foremost you will need to provide him with mints to hide the smell of Dutch courage that accompanied his breakfast (provided by you of course).

Be calm and don't become a super nag as the pressure builds…. think about it all you have to do is get him to the church on time, be in charge of the ushers, make sure you have the rings and make a blinding speech, easy uh?

Take Charge Of The Ushers
Bring out your assertive / bossy side and try not to go all diva on the day, no one likes a Diva, ask Elton John's husband! 

So become Team Captain…do your mate proud! Clear the lines of communication with the Groom, find out exactly what is expected of you and the rest of the Groomsmen, you don’t want to be caught off-side on the day!

You Are The Wingman
2 Wedding RingsWhilst waiting for the beautiful blushing bride stand next to the groom and reassure him that his wife-to-be has not left him standing at the alter. Protect his vulnerable side from the sea of eyes that will be on him (until the Bride arrives of course)!

Become Lord Of The Rings
Enough about Elton John already!

You will develop ‘pocket checking’ OCD on the day as you continually have hot flushes and heart palpitations at the thought that you have obviously developed a hole in your pocket and simply lost the rings, don’t over check or you could create that hole!

Of course it would be funny to pretend you had forgotten the rings at that precise moment, dabbing all your pockets for a second or two, after all you are the best man, and your role is to keep the ceremony light hearted.

Autograph Ready
If you have also been given the responsibility of signing the Wedding Certificate, make sure you don't get ‘signing stage fright’. When the bride and groom look back at their marriage certificate they don't really want to think that their 3 year old toddler had defaced it!

If all else fails, consider writing a ‘before you leave for the church’ checklist to save yourself from wanting to dissolve into the church pews and become invisible when you realise that you’ve actually forgotten to do something!

The Party

Rule 1
Best Man Holding Up his Champagne GlassDo not get hammered before your speech, no one wants to see that and looking back at the day, you won't either. One or two for Dutch courage is fine, wait until after you have finished your best man duties before propping up the bar.

Prepare A Killer Best Man Speech
This is now your domain, your chance to shine - you will spend months, weeks, days and hours of wishing you weren’t at the top of your best mate's bezzy mates list, but you are so make him proud.

You need to work out what is, and definitely, what is NOT, acceptable in your speech, you don’t want to find yourself ditched by your best mate after the wedding.

If you need help with some jokes we did a previous post on this call Hilarious Jokes Your Best Man's Speech Needs.

Alternatively if you don't know where to start and need a rescue remedy for your speech block? Go to Stand Up Speeches, it might cost you a few pennies but you're in good hands, one of the writers write for TV don't you know.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Book Your Stag Do Early

We are always banging on about booking early, it really is the best route when arranging a stag do, well you know what they say; "the early bird catches the worm" and "the second mouse get's the cheese!"

I know it's Autumn (officially, Autumn starts on the 22nd September at 10:29pm if you're interested, I am sure you're not), but booking your stag do for next summer is a good call.

I feel you need reasons why you should book early:

  • If you are booking flights, booking your seats early doors will save you a whole pile of money, depending on where you wish to fly to, you could save up to £200 per person (I might as well stop there, I feel saving a whopping £200 per person is evidence enough, however I will prevail).
  • You should get your first choice of accommodation
  • Booking early will also mean activity slots will be empty ready for your group to grab
  • You'll get your first choice of activities and times
There are also more practical reasons to book early which will help you manage your group better. 

Booking your weekend early confirms the date of your stag, so the boys can put it in their diaries avoiding double booking the weekend. Most of these guys will have wives or girlfriends so getting in their and booking a date before they do makes sense.

Usually for a stag package without flights to the UK or Europe all you have to do is stick a minimal group deposit down (DesignaVenture's is currently £60.00), with a rough idea of numbers and then invite people to pay their deposit direct, online or via the dog and bone.

Booking before the end of the year, to go the following year, can also mean getting a package or an activity before the price goes up, bargain!

So to wrap this up, you're going to get married, you're going to have a stag, so surprise yourself, be totally efficient and get something confirmed before some other groups steals your weekend.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hilarious Jokes Your Best Man's Speech Needs

Comedian holding up a magnify glass
As best man you will need to be funny, hilarious, you have to bring the house down, so no pressure!

Lucky for you there is help out there, this incredible post will give you loads of free best man jokes, plus other jokes which you may be able to slip into your set, I mean speech.

First of all lets try and cover the funniest best man jokes (in our opinion, other jokes may be funnier):

Best Man Funnies

The groom has told me that they are going to Wales for their Honeymoon, well his exact words to me was "as soon as we're married, I'm going to Bangor for a week".

A best man's speech should be like a mini-skirt, short enough to keep everyone's attention, longer enough to cover the essentials.

The groom, he's witty, good looking, caring, thoughtful, honest, char...char..ming, sorry I can't read his writing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been an incredible day, everything has gone amazingly well, the bride looks draw droopingly beautiful "I am speechless.....", no literally, I have lost my speech.

I have just met the chief bridesmaid and I can confirm, I won't be going with tradition.

For those of you who are not internet savvy or or can't get signal, let me give you an update on the Bride's facebook account. She has changed her status to "married" which both her parents have disliked and within the last 15 minutes 27 blokes have poked her.

What's the difference between your in-laws and out-laws, out-laws are wanted.

How many brides does it take to change a light bulb, ONE because it's her day and no one else's.

Now as you are well aware, you need to be funny and other jokes, not just married related or groom bashing should also be included.

Below, I have put together some of the Edinburgh Fringe's funniest one liners and jokes which you may be able to slip into your speech, to make it more rounded.

Other Jokes

"I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again." Tim Vine

"As a kid I was made to walk the plank, well we couldn't afford a dog." Gary Delaney

"My old man used to say to me always fight fire with fire, and that's why he no longer works for the Fire brigade." Harry Hill

"I've been married for 10 years, I haven't made a decision for seven." Jason Cook

"The first time I met my wife, I knew she was a keeper. She was wearing massive gloves". Alun Cochrun

"Kim Kardashian is saddled with a huge arse...but that's enough about Kanye West." Stewart Francis

"I bought one of those anti-bullying wristbands when they first came out. I say 'bought', I actually stole it off a short, fat, ginger kid." Jack Whitehall

"What's the difference between a 'hippo' and a 'Zippo'? One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter." Masai Graham

Every August the Edinburgh Fringe Festival welcomes hundreds of funny people who perform hoping for a big break, this is a very popular festival, so book early. If you can't get to Edinburgh book a comedy club for your stag do.

We sell loads of comedy club tickets all over the country and this a great stag night time activity, also a great place to pick up tips and jokes.

If you have any great best man jokes, fill in the comments box below and share, don't be greedy.

Good luck!!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Attention Stags: Bournemouth Is Calling!

Ultimate Bournemouth Stag Do Survival Guide
Have you been passed the privilege of being the best man? As well as delivering a cracking speech, top of your agenda is planning an epic stag do that will go down in the history books.

There’s plenty of stag do destinations to choose from, but none like the unique coastal party town of Bournemouth.

This cosmopolitan party town has everything you need for a stag do set for success.

This epic town has it all: miles of golden beaches, a buzzing atmosphere and amazing nightlife.

There’s plenty to see and do in this beachside fun spot, so to help you and your stag group get the absolute most out of your weekend, we’ve put together The Ultimate Bournemouth Stag Do Survival Guide

When it comes to organising a stag do, maximum fun and minimum planning is the key. Our survival guide tells you all you need to know to make for a stag weekend to remember. 

With everything from the need to know, from packing your Bournemouth backpack to daytime activities, nightlife and getting around, the Bournemouth guide is bursting with info.

Ever wondered how many tourists visit the town every year? 4.7 million visitors descend on Bournemouth each year and it’s easy to see why. When it comes to getting to know Bournemouth, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

With over seven miles of seafront and a wide range of bars and restaurants, there are plenty of things to see and do to keep your group out of mischief throughout your stag do break.

This popular coastal destination is a bustling hub of activity with countless experiences on offer.  From an adrenaline pumping quad biking experience, to bubble football and Rage Buggies, Bournemouth has plenty to offer groups looking for an ultimate stag do experience. Check out our Bournemouth packages to find out more about what’s on offer.

Whether you’re in pursuit of adrenaline-fuelled activities or the best pubs to enjoy a relaxing pint, this guide includes all the info you need for your Bournemouth-based adventure.

Perhaps you want to start the night with a bustling bar crawl, or head for a flutter at one of Bournemouth’s casinos? Whatever your idea of a perfect night out, this guide has it covered.

Whatever you’re looking for – from comedy clubs to live music, nightclubs and strip clubs – this guide has all you need to impress the groom and your stag do group.

Find out about local brew, top destinations across the city and those all-important emergency details in case you need them.

Our Ultimate Stag Do Survival Guide is all you need to make the groom’s last weekend as a bachelor as epic as this amazing destination.


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

It's Just Plane Safety Boys

You've just arrived by coach with the lads into Gatwick airport. As it's a stag do, the beers have been flowing like the water fountains in Rome, so it's a quick check in / bag drop off before hitting the bar in the departure lounge, right?

Before you know it, getting to your seat on the plane is quite the struggle, you're the last ones to get on the plane and your creating quite a stir.

You may remember a plane journey like this, I certainly did a few like this when I was younger, however the airline industry as a whole are clamping down on passengers getting too squiffy before getting on a flight ("squiffy?" makes me sound a bit like Boris Johnson!).

Ryanair have even gone one step further and stopped passengers taking any duty free booze onboard flights from the UK to Ibiza! So if you have bought duty free booze it will have to be surrendered at the gate, put into a suitable item of cabin luggage, tagged and put into the hold free of charge. If you only have a plastic bag then you will need to dispose of the alcohol in the bins provided.

The CAA have advised us that's it's actually a criminal offence to be drunk on a flight, and these measures have been brought in for the safety of other passenger and the air crew, which is completely understandable.

Each year there are quite a few stories in the press relating to drunken passengers, Brits being pinned to the tarmac in Tenerife by police or group members getting arrested onboard as soon as they touch down at their destination. You have paid a lot of money for your holiday and probably looked forward to it for half a year, so why spoil it?

Did you know that...

One drink in the air is equal to three drinks on the ground, wow! Is it because the air is thinner in the clouds or is it because onboard at 30,000 feet a distinct lack of oxygen get's to your brain, my thoughts are with the latter.

If the cabin crew / captain decide that your behaviour is a threat to other passengers then the airline has the right to land before you get to your destination and have you escorted off the plane by police. This then can lead to huge fines and even prison sentences.

There are actually no age restrictions on drinking on a flight and it's down to the airline whether to serve you alcohol or not.

On the flip side, if you fly a scheduled airline such as BA, the drinks onboard within reason are included in your airfare (please check with your airline as not all scheduled airlines offer this perk).

Some airlines do not serve alcohol onboard and are called dry airlines; these airlines include Kuwait Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Iran Air, but I don't suppose you will be visiting these countries on your stag do, however, I could be wrong!

So to round this all up, my advice is; if you have the need for mass drinking wait until you get to your destination, obviously you can have a pint or two before getting onboard (this may change in the future, so be careful) but whatever you do, don't get drunk, anti social or abusive before or during your flight or you can kiss good bye to your stag do.

It's nice to be nice people.

The above details and facts are correct at time of publish however, airlines change their terms and conditions all the time so it's always best to check these details before you book your flight / fly.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bubble Football Inflates

If you have never heard of Bubble Football also known as Zorb Football before, then I have a question for you, where on earth have you been?

Since early last year when an Italian Bubble Football video went viral (see below), this activity became the next must do stag activity.

The idea is to run as fast as you can at your opponent, knock him off his feet, steal the ball and score a goal; easier said then done!

Bubble football is loads of fun, it's not always easy to knock someone over but it's loads of fun trying. I had a knack of getting people to bounce, which helped me win a few games especially 'last man standing', if you would like to know my secret knack, ask me via my comments box below.

"Why is it such a fantastic stag do activity then?"

I am just getting to that, Bubble Football is a fantastic stag do activity because it combines football, competition, mucking about with your mates, can be done almost anywhere and the whole group can get involved - with very little hanging around.

It's also great value for money, from £30.00* per person for which can be classed as a half day's activity that's more spending money left in your skyrocket (skyrocket = pocket, I'm just trying to sound 'street').

Go to our website for details:

Just Bubble Football

Packages that include Bubble football

Men in a sports hall standing by bubble football suits / Zorb Football Suits

What's usually included?

With DesignaVenture (not sure about other websites), we include the venue**, the Bubble / Zorb suits, referee and footballs.

Once you have played a couple games of football and want to try something different there are games such as last man standing, bulldog etc. to compete in; to win, you basically have to stay on your feet.

Who invented Bubble / Zorb Football?

Well according to a couple of website sources two Norwegian guys by the name of Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created the game in 2012 to play on their Norwegian TV show, Golden Goal.

In 2013 when the above YouTube video went viral in the UK, Google was alight with searches for zorb / bubble football.

Will Bubble Football deflate?

Only slightly, I'm not sure it will reach the dizzy heights of last year with internet searches going from  nothing to Millions within a couple of weeks however, it will always be a fantastic stag activity and will sit happily in the top 10 popular stag activities.

*Price correct when this post was published.
**Usually a football sports centre with all weather pitches, changing rooms, reception and a bar!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

UK Stag Do Ideas On The Beach

It's the first day in July and apparently it's going to be the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures hitting 33 degrees celsius.

Wimbledon is on, it's the third day and apparently if it get's too hot the ladies tennis players are allowed a 10 minute break between sets, but not the same ruling for the men, sexual equality at it's best their lads!

However all this nonsense doesn't fix the fact that you still have a last minute stag do to arrange and need a beach and the sea to cool off in.

Lucky for you then I have compiled some fantastic UK destinations popular with stag dos.

Lets start with the South and move upwards, Newquay is a popular spot for stag and hen parties and is the perfect destination to start things off.

Whether you are after a full on stag weekend with jet ski-ing, coasteering, surfing and quad biking or a more chilled out affair with a packet of John Smiths and a beach towel, Newquay can sort you out big time. The beaches are fantastic and the nightlife will not let you down.

Going from West to East we then have Torquay, which has a great beach, very lively nightlife and some good stag activities.

Drive for another couple of hours and you will drive into the Dorset stag do mecca of Bournemouth.

With 7 miles of glorious white sandy beaches, Bournemouth usually hotter than most UK destinations plus more stag activities then you can shake a stick at (day and night), no wonder Bournemouth is extremely popular.

Brighton is even further east and also boasts fantastic weather, great nightlife and activities. The only let down is the beach, it just has massive pebbles not a grain of sand in sight, not good for football then!

Going North West from Brighton, you have the amazing coastal university town of Swansea, with sandy beaches within walking distance of the centre, Swansea is perfect for a bit of beach five a side, you also have the Gower peninsular which is just breathtaking.

Swansea is also in the perfect location for adrenalin activities including Coasteering, Canyoinng, White Water Rafting and Abseiling and Climbing.

Moving North you will soon hit the incredible sandy and massive Blackpool beach, what used to be the most famous UK holiday town in the 1950's, welcoming at least 17 million tourists each year has now settled in and become a stag and hen favourite, and still gets a huge 12 million visitors each year.

Blackpool still has the "Kiss Me Quick" reputation despite recent attempts by the town council to move away from the lively night scene by banning the Mankini and drinking in the streets, however for a no nonsense, heavy partying, great night out, Blackpool will always come up trumps.

Moving Northeast you will hit the beautiful sands of Whitby Bay, which is about an hour and a half from Newcastle, so why not twin centre your stag do with a night in Newcastle followed by the Saturday night out in Whitby Bay?

Moving even further North you have the beaches of Edinburgh, yes Edinburgh! The best beach is 3.2 miles from the centre of this amazing city and is called Portobello Beach. In the summer it is hugely popular with day-trippers and has a wide promenade, loads of cafes, bars, ice cream parlours and if you're really lucky a mini funfair!

There are loads of places in the UK I have missed out including Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, Tenby in Wales and Weymouth in Dorset to name but a few, I thought I would name the most popular we get enquiries for.

If there is a seaside town with a great beach that I have missed out, let me know below in the comments box and I will include it.

Good luck and don't drink and swim, you'll get a salty pint.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Top 10 Stag Do Ideas That'll Need A Towel

The UK is about to heat up like a Pizza Oven and there is no better way to keep the boys cool on a stag do then to get them wet, whether it's water, foam or whipped cream you will never regret bringing that towel from home.

I have put together a Top10 of stag do ideas for groups looking to a soaking, with a curve ball which really shouldn't be there but couldn't resist it!

It's a knockout Inflatable Challenge with foam and water
At Number 10 - It's a Knockout

Now available in most popular stag do destinations including Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and London, It's a knockout is a mixture of crazy games that involve massive fancy dress costumes, huge inflatables and enough foam to even keep Timmy Mallot happy.

A stag party on a banana boat
9 - Banana Boat Ride

This activity is so much fun you will pee your pants, literally! Guaranteed to give your group a proper soaking, no one ever gets to stay on, whether you're on a stag do in the Balearics or the UK, this is a great activity for the whole group.

Boats Made Out Of Cardboard ON The Lake IN Reading with people in them
8 - Cardboard Boat Challenge

We actually combine this activity with the Banana Boat Ride in Reading. The aim with your stag group is to build a boat out of cardboard and sail your vessel across the lake. If you have done it right you may get slightly wet, if you've cocked up with your design prepare to get wet.

West Country Games Farmer's Shower
7 - Welsh Games / West Country Games

Situated in Bristol and Cardiff (I am sure you can work out which one is which) you will not only have a host of various tongue in cheek activities with some activities actually testing your metal, you will also get soaked on a few with some dubious liquids, for example the Farmers Shower!

2 Jet Skis on the Sea
6 - Jet Ski-ing

Mix together speed, water, petrol and waves and you have yourself an awesome activity. This is a serious watersport activity perfect for the stag group looking for high octane fun.

2 Power Boats Racing
5 - Power-Boating

Now we're talking, speed, adrenalin and a machine that will rip through the water. If you want to look like James Bond, nows your time, Dinner Jacket and Bow Tie is not a great idea unless you don't mind getting soaked by the spray.

Sign For Sex Show
4 - Live Sex Shows - Amsterdam

This is my curve ball, send the stag onto the stage and he will need a towel after! It would appear that Minions are not the only things that like bananas.

3 Men sitting on 3 separate Canadian Canoes
3 - Canoeing / Camping Down The River

This year at the DesignaVenture Towers there has been a massive buzz around our Canoeing and Camping Weekends down the River Wye. This stag weekend is so relaxing you'll be horizontal by the time you go home. You'll camp next door to a pub and canoe both days, stopping at pubs on the way down for a good meal and a couple of pints of ale.

A Man Jumping Off a Cliff whilst Coasteering
2 - Coasteering / Canyoing

These awesome activities are a great leveller for the whole stag party. Jumping off cliff edges into deep pools whether you're on the coast or at a gorge, high adrenalin full of slides, jumps and climbs is guaranteed.

Raft Splashing Through White Water
1 - White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting tops our list as the best stag activity you will need to bring a towel to. There are destinations all over the world that offer this activity from Vegas to Bratislava, in the UK we have natural rafting sites in the Highlands of Scotland and North Wales, in Cardiff and Nottingham you can raft at man-made sites near the city centres.