Some Good Advice For The First Time Stag Organiser

Organising your very first stag do is a daunting task.

You want to get it right so you don't get a load of grief on the stag weekend or from your best mate, the stag.

Below is a few gems of advice which will help you on your way to a happy clappy stag weekend.

First of all don't price everyone off the weekend
Some best men get caught up in the moment and book loads of stuff in order to give their stag the best weekend ever however;

Everyone will have a budget and if you obliterate that budget they are likely to let you down, speak to as many attendees as you can in order to get a good idea of how much people are willing to spend.

Book something for the main day, don't peak too soon
 I had a mate who always used to say to me as I was lying in the gutter at 10pm at night, "don't peak too soon boy, pace yourself."

Wise words that, if on the main day most people start in the pub by midday, you know by 7pm there will be quite a few people in the stag group leathered and unable to go on, so give the guys something to do, get some adrenalin activities arrange, they will thank you for it.

There is nothing like building up a bit of camaraderie in the group and doing a popular stag activity or two.

Something like paintball, indoor karting, white water rafting or Coasteering / Canyoning will do the trick.

Be prepared, preparation will be your salvation
Where ever you go make sure you do your homework if Plan A doesn't go to umm... plan, have a Plan B.

When booking things up independently make sure you write down the person's name down you booked it with, you can then quote this name if they don't recognise your booking, better still see the next section.

Use A Professional Stag Do Organiser Like DesignaVenture
Organising 10 - 20 men is a nightmare so using a professional stag do organiser like DesignaVenture will save your bacon.

They will make sure you are booked into every venue and that your accommodation is definitely stag friendly, there is nothing worse then pretending you are a golfing party!!

You will also receive a pack by email and in the post (a DesignaVenture procedure).

Once you have received this email, forward it onto everyone in the group, this takes the emphasis off of you and no one will be able complain that the dress code for the white water rafting is no Stilettos!


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