Stag Do Destination Guide: Nottingham

Nottingham has always been a top destination for stag weekends, from the 1990s until now, if you haven't had a stag do in Nottingham then it's time you got your merrymen together and get yourselves to one of the friendliest cities in the UK.

Pure Crazy Facts About Nottingham

  • Average Temperature: June 19c | July 22c | August 21c
  • Rainfall: 648mm per year
  • Population: 289,301
  • Above Sea Level: 46 metres
  • Pointless: A Saxon Chief who lived there in 1135AD was called Snot, and Nottingham was called Snotengaham!
  • Fashion: Designer Paul Smith is from Nottingham
  • Hangover: Boots The Chemist originated from Nottingham 
  • Translation: "Allraa me duck" means; how are you?

OK, OK, enough of the facts, so why should you have a stag do in Nottingham?

Let's start with a few geographical facts...

Oh no, not more bloody facts!! 

Hold on to your trousers me duck, this is important, Nottingham is situated pretty much right in the middle of the UK, so if you have a stag party scattered across the four corners of the UK, then Nottingham could be the best meeting point.

Nottingham also has a huge University so there's a chance the stag will want to go back to his old stomping ground.

That's all great that it geographically hits the spot but what about having a stag do in Nottingham, is it any good?

I was just getting to that!

Nottingham's Nightlife

Nottingham has brilliant nightlife and one night is not enough, so if you can, book a weekend. 

Eating is definitely not cheating especially if you go to the only Hooters in the UK, lovely ladies bringing you incredible food whilst watching sport, it's a dream come true, is it not?

Alternatively, Nottingham has some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK catering for everyone's budgets, from Balti houses to top notch Indian restaurants including Masala Junction, Calcutta Club and the brilliant Cumin Restaurant (I've eaten there and it's incredible).

There are far too many bars to mention and Nottingham has some pretty amazing clubs, the biggest and best for stag dos is Pryzm which used to be called Oceana, and before that The Palais.

If you prefer to see a little bit of flesh, Nottingham has one lap dancing club aptly called Flirtz, which is located in the centre and not on the outskirts, like all the lap dancing clubs were in the 90s!

You can book Hooters, Cumin Restaurant, bar tours, lap dancing and club entries all on the DesignaVenture website.

Keep The Boys Busy - Daytime Activities

Nottingham has some of the best stag activity sites in the UK, whether you're after racing Rage Buggies, shooting clays into a billion pieces,  playing at one the of the best Paintball sites in the UK (Sherwood Forest) or white water rafting (man-made) Nottingham has it all.

You also don't have to travel too far out of the city centre unlike some other stag do destinations, I think 40 minutes is one of the furthest you'll need to drive. DesignaVentrue also deal with some of the cheapest transport companies in the UK so if you don't fancy driving, getting ferried around won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Don't forget Nottingham is home to the Real "It's a knockout" gear, so you could be wearing what the celebrities, royals and punters wore when they took part in this historic activity.

There are also horse racing and greyhound racing tracks in the same facility, which is situated just 3 miles from the centre of town, perfect for the stag group who think they have form and like the spills and thrills of betting.


From standard hotels to 4 star luxury city centre pads, Nottingham has lots of hotels which are happy to take stag parties. No matter what type of budget you're on, I am pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for.

In my mind if you're looking for an epic stag do destination in the UK, Nottingham will not let you down, I should know I've been countless times.

Good luck



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