Destination Ideas For A Stag Do

images include London, Amsterdam, Prague, Valencia & Barcelona Beach

When asked to be best-man so many thoughts will flood your mind and 90% of those thoughts will be the stag do, am I right?

You want to get it right, make sure your best mate has the stag weekend of his life, so you'll need ideas, luckily for you this Stag Do Blog is bursting with stag do ideas and this post is no exception.

Where to go?

If you are looking for some brilliant stag do destination ideas we have put together some Epic Stag Do Destination Guides which includes details on where to go, what nightlife's on offer plus loads of activities ideas.


Cockney in a bowler hat, scottish bagpipe player and welsh face paint

Brilliant Nightlife

Most major cities in the UK offer outstanding nightlife, big cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Newcastle in the North to Nottingham and Birmingham in the Midlands to Bristol, Cardiff, London and even Reading down south.

Seaside towns which are also incredibly lively especially in the summer months include; Newquay, Bournemouth, Brighton, Swansea and Blackpool being the main stag do destinations.

Choosing the right destination is hugely important, you may find that your best mate went to a certain University and wants to revisit old haunts or fancies a certain type of activity which may determine the actual destination.

For example, if your stag wants to do the fastest zip wire in the world this is located in Snowdonia, North Wales will be destination of choice. Staying in North Wales will make for a rural stag weekend however if you want a lively night out, Chester and Liverpool are both within good driving distances of Snowdonia.

Daytime Activities

In the UK we can be proud of that fact that we have some of the best stag do activities in the world.

You can race unbelievably fast rage buggies (dirt buggies), jump off cliffs in Cornwall, trek up mountains on powerful quad bikes, shoot .22 assault rifles, the options are massive and because you're in the UK you'll be saving money on airfares giving you more budget on some memorable activities.

As mentioned above North Wales has some of the best activities for the adventurous stag group with the Fastest Zip Wire In The World, to the longest Zip Zone in Europe. You can also go surfing on a man made surfing lake (guaranteed surf), Canyoning, White Water Rafting, River Buggies plus all the other popular activities including quad biking, paintball and rage/dirt buggies.

We have a post on in-depth detail on popular UK stag do destinations, giving you the knowledge and could possibly help you make up your mind on where to go.


There seems to be two main choices when having a stag do abroad and that's city break such as Prague, Budapest or Berlin or you can go for sun, sea and stag do in crazy places like Magaluf, San Antonio, Albufeira or Benidorm.

City Breaks

The European stag do city break goes back years from when your Grandad went on his stag weekend to Amsterdam by ferry and coach, low cost airlines was just a pipe dream for Freddie Laker back then, how things have changed.

Amsterdam is still massively popular but not as much as it used to be with very liberal cities such as Prague, Bratislava, Hamburg and Budapest becoming a lot more popular.

Old Eastern Bloc capitals such as Prague for example are cities where you can really let your hair down with some of the most liberal nightlife in Europe. These type of city breaks you can shoot an AK47, get handcuffed to a Dwarf, prank the stag and get him arrested and eat off a stripper all in one outing!

We offer loads of stag do ideas in Prague on our website from Absinth nights to the incredible Ultimate Shooting package, we also offer loads of packages with and without flights. 

Sun Sea & Stag Do

The Med is your oyster, the most popular locations are in Spain, as they're almost guaranteed sunshine from May to September plus most destinations is Spain is only a 2- 3  hour flight from the UK.

Stag Party Jumping In The Pool

Benidorm, Magaluf (Majorca), San Antonio (Ibiza) and Marbella being the main resorts however if you prefer a little more culture Barcelona is awesome and so is Valencia.

If you're looking for a sunny stag do in the winter months then Playa De Las Americas (Tenerife) is a great choice. Tenerife is just off the North Coast of Africa and will take you approximately four and a half hours on a plane, but it's well worth it in the winter months with temperatures in the high twenties.
Where ever you choose, good luck.



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