10 Best Man Top Tips

The Best Man

Best Men everywhere, it's time to sit up and take note!

You now have a job where you'll need to step up to the plate, show your worth. Your best mate is about to get married and he has asked you to be the third most important person at the wedding.

Obviously it goes:
  1. Bride
  2. Groom
  3. Best Man (that's you)
So DesignaVenture has compiled 10 Best Man Top Tips to help you on your way. We can't hold your hand but by damn it, we are right behind you.

# Top Tip 1 - Have The Chat

Your best mate is about to make a HUGE decision and it's not asking you to be best man. 

He is about to make a life changing act so you as his BEST MATE need to make sure, he's sure. It's also a great excuse to go out and have a few bevvies and discuss the stag do!

# Top Tip 2 - Create The Killer Best Man Speech

The first thing people say to you once they know you're going to be a best man is: Ooooh the speech! I mean, if that's not going to put the frighteners up you I don't know what will! 

So start early, months in advance, a good speech doesn't write itself in one night. 
  • Use great gags, but make them tasteful
  • Include positive things that have happened to the groom
  • Make a joke of yourself, people like a little self-deprecation!
  • Try it out out on a female friend who has a good sense of humour (the speech I am talking about!!). She will more than likely tell you the truth.
  • Practice it more than just a few times
  • Print it out onto cards, if you're going to shake, cards are more solid
  • Don't forget to end the speech with a toast to the bride and groom
Remember, you have a very appreciative audience at the wedding, EVERYONE will want you to succeed. So chill out and enjoy yourself.

I have been best man twice and if I ever get asked again, I will really saviour it, more like milk it!!!

#Top Tip 3 - Create An Immense Stag Do

Stag Party knocking back Tequila shots

The second thing people will mention when you tell them your the best man is the stag weekend... Ah, last days of freedom... wink wink, say no more! 

There is a lot of emphasis on this age old tradition and a huge amount of fun to be had, so make sure you make it a good one, something memorable that the groom can take with him into married life.

Make sure people don't get p****d 24/7 I have been on stag weekends like this and they're not very memorable - so have some activities lined up.

Keep it within budget otherwise it'll be just you and the stag!

SCHOOL BOY ERROR ALERT: Don't book it for the night before wedding.

We have an excellent post - 101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do

#Top Tip 4 - Look After Him On The Stag

It's your job to make sure the stag has fun but make sure he doesn't come to any harm, how are you going to break it to his future wife that the tattoo of a badger's arse was just "a bit of a laugh".

#Top Tip 5 - Turn Up For Non Wedding Day Events

Believe it or not you'll need to be on hand for not just the wedding day:
  • Suit fitting
  • Wedding meetings
  • Pre wedding meals
  • Wedding rehearsal
This is a once in a lifetime event especially for the groom so buy into it and be available as and when.

#Top Tip 6 - Be There For The Groom

Best Man Taking Care Of The Groom

Your groom may need you to be a rock, he may get cold feet, stressed over money or plans even the Mother In Law might be doing his head-in so keep him sane.

#Top Tip 7 - Know Your Guests

At the wedding be the loveliest man there, make sure you take note from the meetings in Tip 5 and know not to let Granny Mary near the Vodka or keep Venessa "The Vegan" away from the meat buffet and don't let the bride's divorced parents near each other.

Best Man & Ushers Sat On A Wall with bright socks on

You will also have the use of all the ushers, so don't forget to delegate and know which ones will he extremely helpful and which ones to use as doormen.

#Top Tip 8 - Don't Peak Too Soon

You will need a little dutch courage before the speech but that's about it, anything more than that may see you slurring your speech or looking like a right plonker. 

Remember it's your job to be the 'last man standing'.

A Black Beetle with just married as a number plate

After all your jobs are done and the groom is safely tucked away on his honeymoon, get on it. I think one of the Bridesmaids has just winked at you.

# Top Tip 9 - Are You Up For The Job?

In the sober light of day, doubts will enter your mind....

Can I step up to the mark? My speech writing is awful, what am I going to do? I simply don't have the time!

WAIT! Your best mate has asked you to be his wingman, so bat those nagging doubts for six and have some belief in yourself, hey hey hey, some of you have too much belief in yourself, this is your opportunity to be humble!

#Top Tip 10 - Enjoy Yourself!

Seriously, unless you're a serial best man, being best man is a real honour so take on your responsibility like a Presidency but also don't forget to have a good one! 

Times like these don't come round very often and once you're older they won't come around at all, so just appreciate and enjoy it.

Good luck


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